Boris Johnson launches bid for general election after humiliating defeat over no-deal Brexit

Boris Johnson has launched a bid for an early general election after he suffered a humiliating defeat in the Commons today as MPs voted for a bill that could allow them to block a no-deal Brexit.

A number of Conservatives rebelled against their party to move against no deal, despite warning they will be expelled from the party and prevented from standing in future elections.

The Government lost by 328 votes to 301 - a larger defeat than expected.

MPs will debate no deal tomorrow and a vote that could force Mr Johnson to delay Brexit rather than crash out without a deal will take place in the evening.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson making a statement to MPs in the House of Commons, London, on the G7 Summit in Biarritz.The Prime Minister has made it clear he intends to seek an early general election rather than ask Brussels for a further extension to the deadline.

Mr Johnson earlier begged Tory rebels not to take no deal off the table during a fiery Commons debate.

He said the threat of no deal was a necessary tool in negotiations and that blocking it would allow the EU to 'dictate' the course of Brexit.

The Prime Minister told the Commons: "This House has never before voted to force the Prime Minister to surrender such a crucial decision to the discretion of our friends and neighbours overseas.

"What is this bill would mean is that unless we agree to the terms of our friends and partners they would be able to keep us in the EU for as long as they want and on their terms.

"I urge therefore this House to reject this Bill tonight so that we can get the right deal for our country, deliver Brexit and take the whole country forward."

He also said his Government would "obey the law" when pressed by opposition MPs, amid concerns over how he will respond to any legislation which blocks a no-deal Brexit.

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