Passengers bear brunt as giant wave hits whale watching boat

Passengers on a whale watching boat got more than they bargained for when a giant wave struck the front of the vessel, causing one to have a seizure and inflicting minor cuts on another.

The group were off the coast of Australia onboard the Spirit of Gold Coast boat when they began encountering some large waves.

As can be seen in this video, those on board were making light of the high seas, until one particularly large wave crashed over the deck.

"We've lost people," a shocked passenger says in the video after the wave envelopes the boat.

Fortunately, all that went overboard were bags and clothing.

Talking to Channel 9, one of the passengers said she was "freaking out" after the incident.

Another said there were "minor flesh wounds", including cuts and a grazed leg, among those clinging onto the outside of the boat.

Queensland Ambulance said a boating incident was reported off Main Beach at 2.23pm on Sunday.

"Paramedics treated six patients for minor injuries at the scene. One patient was transported stable to Gold Coast University Hospital."

Courtney Duffas, 19, told Channel 9 her mother and friend had moved inside moments before the wave struck.

"Where we were standing we would have been washed over most likely because we were at the edge."

Layla Taite recorded the moment the wave hit.

"Lucky we stayed inside," she remarked on Facebook.

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