Bouncer caught punching reveller to the floor

This is the shocking moment a reveller was knocked unconscious outside a nightclub after being punched by a bouncer.

The young man can be seen being floored by the single blow and hitting the ground with a sickening thud on Birmingham's Broad Street. Witnesses said he was out cold for at least ten minutes after being struck by the burly tattooed doorman outside Rosie's nightclub.

A group of men were said to have been scrapping outside the nightspot which led to a group of bouncers restraining them on the floor. The young man was then felled by the single blow which was caught on camera.

Dramatic video shows the victim, wearing a white t-shirt and jeans, confronting the bouncer who swings at him with the powerful punch. He then folds to the ground "like an accordion" and can be seen laid out flat on the pavement.

One witness, who did not wish to be named, said: "These lads had started brawling on Broad Street outside Rosie's so the bouncers got involved.

"They managed to restrain a couple of them on the ground but when one of the guys started getting lippy this bouncer just punched him one.

"The bouncer was twice the size of him so I don't know what he thought he was playing at. He didn't stand a chance.

"But to be fair, he was only giving it the verbals. It was his mates who were the ringleaders. Still, you don't mess with the bouncers in Brum."

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