Jeremy Corbyn warns PM: It’s our Parliament

Jeremy Corbyn has told Boris Johnson: “No way, it’s our Parliament,” at a rally against the PM’s plans to suspend Parliament.

The Labour leader was speaking in front of thousands of people at a People’s Assembly Defend Democracy demonstration in Glasgow’s George Square, as similar protests took place across Britain.

He said he supports the protests across the country, adding: “Demonstrations are taking place everywhere because people are angered and outraged about what is happening.

“Angered that the Government and a Prime Minister elected by 93,000 members of the Tory party is trying to hijack the needs, aims and aspirations of 65 million people.

“Well think on, Boris, it’s not on and we’re not having it.

“Fundamentally this is an issue of democracy.

“However you voted in 2016 and however you voted in 2017, however you vote in any future election of any sort – the important thing is you should have your voice and your say and your rights.

“One thing I’m absolutely clear on is that nobody voted to lose their rights or give up on democracy.”

Mr Corbyn paid tribute to the history of protest in George Square by those calling for justice and civil rights.

He added: “Today we are standing in the footsteps of those who have gone before us to achieve that justice and those rights.

Brexit protest
Protesters carried flags and placards in George Square (Laura Paterson/PA)

“I’m proud to be here with all of you supporting that, to say to Boris Johnson: No way, it’s our Parliament.

“No way do you take us out without a deal – we will stop you and give the people their rights and their say to determine their future.”

Mr Corbyn called for all parties to come together in the House of Commons on Tuesday, when Parliament reconvenes after the summer recess, to prevent a no-deal Brexit.

He also said the Government should “stand aside” for a general election, arguing it does not have the confidence of a majority of people or of MPs.

Mr Corbyn’s speech was his final public engagement as he ends a three-day visit to Scotland.

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