Cruise lasting 245 days to set sail from London with world record in its sights

Discerning travellers will embark on the ultimate round-the-world trip this weekend – setting sail on a 245-day cruise which will span six continents, 51 countries and 111 ports.

The Viking Sun’s eight-month voyage from London will aim to set a Guinness world record for the longest continuous passenger cruise.

With stops including the southern-most tip of South America to the vibrant Indian city of Mumbai, it is sure to tick off plenty of bucket-list adventures.

But circumnavigating the globe on board the 930-guest cruise liner does not come cheap – with prices starting from as much as £66,900.

Those wanting the most luxurious experience will need to fork out more than £194,000 for the best suites.

Viking Cruises bills the journey as the “Ultimate World Cruise”.

The Viking Sun in Sydney, Australia (Viking Cruises/PA)
The Viking Sun in Sydney, Australia (Viking Cruises/PA)

“(It) is the most extensive itinerary available in the industry, nearly double the length of our previous world cruise itineraries,” said chairman Torstein Hagen.

After setting off from Greenwich, the cruise will head to Scandinavia, the Caribbean and South America before calling on the remote tropical islands of the South Pacific.

It will then continue its journey along the coast of Australia and through Asia, before returning to the Mediterranean and Europe and arriving back in London in May 2020.

Guests will stay overnight in 23 cities including Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam and Luxor in Egypt.

A total of 54 people – including four from the UK – have reportedly signed up for the full 245 days.

The others will be on board for half the itinerary, with a changeover of passengers in Los Angeles.

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