Deutsche Bank says it has Trump-linked tax returns

Deutsche Bank says it has financial records tied to President Donald Trump - and they include tax returns.

The records are also tied to three of Trump's children.

However its not clear whose records the bank has - because names were redacted in a Tuesday filing.

US House committees are seeking those records by a subpoena.

They asked the bank in April to give financial records belonging to the president, his businesses plus Ivanka, Eric and Donald Trump Jr.

Deutsche Bank disclosed it had the returns in a letter filed in a federal appeals court in New York.

The bank has long been a lender for Trump's real estate business.

A disclosure form in 2017 showed he had at least $130 of liabilities in the bank.

Capital One, a second bank subpoenaed in the congressional probe said it did not have any records related to the congressional subpoenas.

Trump sued to stop the banks from handing over the records.

A district court ruled against the president, and he appealed.

That sent the case to the second circuit court, which has not yet issued a ruling.

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