Homes Under The Hammer star Martin Roberts makes hospital dash after accidentally getting poisonous plant sap in his eyes

Martin Roberts had to rush to the hospital after a reaction to a poisonous plant (BBC)

Homes Under The Hammer star Martin Roberts was forced to rush to A&E to seek urgent treatment after he accidentally rubbed liquid from a poisonous plant in his eyes.

Taking to his Instagram page, Roberts posted a video in the early hours of the morning where he explained what had happened.

Showing off his blotchy, red and watery eyes, the TV presenter explained how an afternoon of gardening went very wrong.

"This is a really important warning, it's 3.30am in the morning and I'm in A&E," he stated in the clip.

"After doing some gardening earlier on and there's a plant called Euphorbia, you need to look it up on the internet because it's in lots of people's gardens.

"If you cut it as I did, it produces a sap, a white sap and if you get that on your hands, and worse, if you get it on your eyes then it causes some serious issues and that's exactly what I am like now."

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Not been a good week, all in all 😐

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Revealing how the reaction got worse as time went on, Roberts continued to comment: "So it's got worse and worse and worse this evening and I couldn't sleep so now I'm just waiting to see a doctor.

"So listen, look out for this plant Euphorbia it's green and has yellowy, green leaves."

After receiving support from his fans and followers, Roberts shared an update.

"I'm back from the hospital. I'm on lots of drugs and various eye drops," he said before he continued: "My eyes are in a right old state and I still feel pretty lousy, but thank you for your kind words and get well soon wishes."

Not wanting anyone to go through what he did, Roberts directed his phone towards the plant that caused the irritation and warned people to wear "eye protection, gloves and all sorts".

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