Heroic mother throws her baby to safety

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This is the terrifying moment a mum throws her baby to safety seconds before being dragged under a speeding Jeep.

CCTV footage shows the 25-year-old mum walking along a busy pedestrian street in Mangalore, south India, before the vehicle races around the corner.

The woman - who was carrying her two-year-old at the time - instinctively throws the toddler before being hit and pulled under the car.

Onlookers rush to the aid of the woman and child while others take it upon themselves to thump the driver over the head for the reckless act.

Hero mum throws her baby to safety
Hero mum throws her baby to safety

It is believed the owner of the Jeep had parked the vehicle outside a restaurant with the keys intact before a bypasser recklessly jumped in and lost control of the car.

Miraculously the mum and toddler survived the incident - which happened in February - were only treated for minor bruising at a nearby hospital.

Police arrested the driver at the scene who was later bailed.