Mocking suspect's hairstyle could get you prosecuted, police caution

Police have warned social media users they could face arrest if they troll a wanted drug dealer by mocking his distinctive hairstyle.

Internet appeal to catch a criminal led to thousands of people posting joke comments.

Jermaine Taylor, 21, is sought for breaching his licence conditions after being released from prison in December 2018.

Gwent Police in south Wales launched the appeal on social media in a bid to locate the convicted drug dealer, but were surprised when so many people mocked his hairdo, with one commenter suggesting it had "pushed back more times than Brexit".

Another Twitter users joked: "His forehead is bigger than his future," and "that hairline goes further back than Woolworths".

The deluge of quips prompted Gwent Police to inform web users that posting abusive material could be against the law.

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