Heroic elderly couple fight off machete-wielding robbers with plastic chairs and flip flops

This is the incredible moment a heroic elderly couple successfully fought off machete wielding would-be robbers - armed with plastic chairs and FLIP FLOPS.

CCTV footage shows a masked raider creep up behind 72-year-old Shanmugavel and attempt to strangle him with a rope while his accomplice attacks.

But he manages to shout out to his wife Senthaamarai, 69, who comes outside and fends off the robbers with flip flops, before the couple take them on.

Quick thinking Senthaamarai locks the door to stop the yobs getting inside, and eventually the frightened criminals flee.

Police said they are investigating the incident which took place in a small village in Tamil Nadu, southern India on Saturday night.

A police spokesperson said: "We have taken note of the CCTV footage and will proceed with an investigation as per the footage."

'We will try our best to nab the culprits'

"The woman has sustained an injury on her right hand but she seems to be doing fine. She has also lost a gold chain in the fight."

"The face of the robbers were covered but we will try our best to nab the culprits."

In the video, Senthaamarai throws shoes at the robbers, distracting them for long enough for her husband to break free after being dragged to the ground.

When back on his feet, Shanmugavel picks up a plastic chair and launches an aggressive attack.

The clip shows the chair smash to pieces as the robbers swing a machete at the brave pensioner.

Senthaamarai can also be seen hurling object at the two robbers, including chairs and plastic buckets.

She suffered an injury to her right hand during the incident.

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