Heartwarming moment disabled man climbs out of his wheelchair to rescue kitten stranded in filthy storm drain

This is the heartwarming moment a disabled man climbs out of his wheelchair to rescue a kitten stranded in a filthy storm drain.

Abu Fathiyyaturahma Menk Abdun Mujtahid, 36, noticed the kitten clutching to the concrete barriers in Sabah, Malaysia.

Despite not having the use of his legs, Abu bravely hauled himself out of his chair and clambered down the steep bank to reach the moggy.

Abu's pal, who is also disabled and uses a wheelchair, filmed as he reached into the drain to pluck the kitten to safety.

Abu said: "We saw the kitten stuck there and knew we could not leave it. I decided to get the kitten myself because it would be more dangerous for my friend who uses prosthetic legs.

''The banks of the drain were steep parts and the was is not level, so it was difficult to negotiate. But I'm glad we could help the cat.

''It was already a little wet from falling in the dirty drainage water when we saw it."

Abu said he performed the daring rescue on the way to the Kota Kinabalu Sports Complex when he trains.

He said the kitten scampered away when he brought it to the top of the road.

Abu added: ''I hope the kitten has learned his lesson and stays away from danger.''