Boy, 11, describes pleasure and pain of meeting Mo Salah

An 11-year-old Liverpool fan has described how he met Mo Salah after knocking himself out running into a lamp-post as he tried to keep up with the footballer's car.

Louis Fowler had been waiting outside the club's training ground in the hope of seeing one of his idols when he spotted Salah's Bentley pulling out on Saturday afternoon.

As Louis ran after the car for a glimpse of the player he collided with a lamp-post, breaking his nose in the process.

Meanwhile, Salah, who saw the accident, turned his car around and returned to check on Louis.

Speaking on Good Morning Britain , Louis said: "I had a really bloody nose, someone took me home back to my front garden and I just saw Salah's car by our house.

"I was still spaced out so I didn't really know what was happening, but he got out of his car and posed for a picture."

Asked what Salah's reaction was to his injury, Louis said: "He was like 'Why are you running like that?'."

The GMB presenter then asked whether Salah was telling him off, to which Louis replied: "Yeah sort-of."

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