Lost canary nicknamed Boris due to fluffy yellow ‘hair’

A canary found flying loose in a Plymouth park has been nicknamed after new Prime Minister Boris Johnson due to his fluffy yellow feathers.

The canary was spotted on Saturday by a member of the public and brought into RSPCA’s Little Valley Animal Centre in Exeter, where staff nicknamed him Boris.

Megan Higgins, RSPCA animal collection officer, said: “The woman spotted the little canary and a budgie flying around the local park and knew they must be lost pets as they both had rings on their legs.

“She managed to catch the birds and took them home before calling us in.”

The canary was found flying around in a Plymouth park (RSPCA)
The canary was found flying around in a Plymouth park (RSPCA)

Ms Higgins said: “The budgie’s owner was quickly tracked down and reunited with their missing pet.

“Unfortunately, we’ve not been able to trace this sweet little canary’s owner.

“Boris is such a friendly little bird and we’d love to reunite him with his owners who must be worried sick about him.”

The RSPCA is now hoping to trace his owner so he can be returned home.

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