Scottish Government ramps up preparations for no-deal Brexit

Preparations for a no-deal Brexit have been ramped up by the Scottish Government as Nicola Sturgeon warned the economy will be “seriously damaged”.

The First Minister said leaving the EU without a deal would “inevitably cause disruption” whatever the Government does to prepare.

Scottish Government ministers agreed to step up preparations at a Cabinet meeting on Friday, claiming Boris Johnson’s apparent refusal to negotiate with the EU has made a no-deal Brexit more likely.

Following the Cabinet meeting, Ms Sturgeon said “In its first week, the UK Government has shown it is willing to risk a no-deal Brexit.

“Taking Scotland out of the EU in any way is deeply undemocratic but the Prime Minister’s refusal to engage with the EU has dramatically increased the prospect that we will face a deeply damaging no-deal Brexit.

“If the Prime Minister continues with this approach Scottish jobs will be lost and our economy seriously damaged and it will be entirely the UK Government’s responsibility.”

Boris Johnson visit to Scotland
First Minister Nicola Sturgeon with Prime Minister Boris Johnson in Bute House in Edinburgh (Duncan McGlynn/PA)

She added: “Having assessed the actions of the new UK Government our work to prepare for no-deal will intensify in the coming weeks and months.

“But even with the best possible preparations, leaving the EU without a deal will hurt Scotland’s businesses, disrupt trade and impact on all aspects of society.

“There is simply no way to mitigate every impact that no deal will have, no matter how hard we try.”

Reiterating her desire for another Scottish independence referendum, she said: “The willingness of the UK Government to pursue this approach, against all the evidence, shows why we must continue to make preparations for a referendum that will give people the right to decide Scotland’s future instead of being dragged out of the EU against their will.”

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