Twitter account retweeted by Trump is suspended

A conspiracy-peddling Twitter account re-tweeted by Donald Trump has been suspended, according to The Daily Beast.

Trump retweeted the account, which used the display name "LYNN THOMAS" and the handle @LYNNTHO06607841, on Tuesday afternoon - but hours later the account was offline.

A source familiar with the matter told The Daily Beast that the account was suspended for violating the Twitter rule that bars users from using multiple accounts to artificially amplify or disrupt conversations.

The US president had retweeted a bold graphic headed "DEMOCRATS ARE THE TRUE ENEMIES OF AMERICA!"


Previously, the account has peddled lies about prominent Democrats, claiming they murder children to harvest their pineal glands.

Trump is famed for his aggressive and often muddled tweets. More recently he has taken to retweeting dozens of far right accounts, including Katie Hopkins.

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