Man finds 'mummified' baby in dead mother's freezer

A man in the Missouri city of St Louis was taken by complete surprise while cleaning out the freezer of his recently deceased mother, the Washington Post reports.

He pulled out a small cardboard box and upon opening it discovered a frozen mummified baby.

Adam Smith, from St Louis, Missouri, said he was "confused" and "angry" after finding the girl's remains, which he suspects could be a sister he never knew he had."I'm 37, and it has been in my freezer for 37 years and I was always told it was a wedding cake top," he said.

"Even as she was on her deathbed, she never told me what was in that box," he said. "That's what makes me think maybe she did something to this baby and didn't want to tell anyone because she was afraid she would get in trouble."

Mr Smith added it had also dawned on him that for his "whole life" he had eaten food from a freezer that may also have contained his "frozen sister".

"Who absolutely keeps their own child in a box for this long?" he said. "I just have so many thoughts. It's just insane."

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