Large python found coiled on top of boiler in north London home

A homeowner was “rather startled” to find a large reticulated python coiled on top of their boiler.

The brown and gold snake was collected by police officers from the home in Islington, north London, and it will be cared for by the RSPCA.

Reticulated pythons, the longest snakes in the world that can grow up to nine metres in length in the wild, are not venomous but kill their prey by squeezing them and suffocating them.

According to Chester Zoo, they mainly eat mammals and birds, but can eat animals as large as pigs or deer.

Police based in Islington posted an appeal on the Twitter account @MPSIslington that said: “Is anyone missing a large snake? We have one at Islington Police Station that was found by a rather startled member of the public.

“He had made himself comfortable on top of their boiler. Found in the N1 area. Please call 101 quoting CAD 198/31JUL19.”

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