Boris Johnson’s new spin doctor was Tory-taunting chicken

Boris Johnson's spin doctor dressed as a chicken to mock David Cameron during his time as Tory leader.

Lee Cain donned the Daily Mirror's chicken costume to poke fun at the then Conservative leader in the run-up to the 2010 general election.

The former journalist is now at the heart of Mr Johnson's Downing Street operation – and had to contend with the chicken following around his own boss during the Tory leadership contest.

One former colleague told the newspaper that Mr Cain "attacked the role with real zeal and great passion".

Cameron visit to East of England
Cameron visit to East of England

The unnamed ex-colleague said: "The newsdesk were so impressed with his work he was used on a number of occasions.

"I vividly remember him coming to the newsroom and prancing around still in his full outfit like a rooster.

"It's hard to believe a man with his past of taunting the cowardly Tories is now such a powerful figure inside No10."

Cameron visit to East of England
Cameron visit to East of England

Mr Cain is not the first former Mirror journalist to become a prime minister's spin doctor.

The paper's former political editor Alastair Campbell was a powerful figure during Tony Blair's time in office.

He was expelled from Labour in May after admitting voting Liberal Democrat in the European elections because of his own party's stance on Brexit.

He has now said he does not wish to be part of the Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn.