84-year-old becomes oldest woman to complete zip wire at Go Ape

An 84-year-old became the oldest woman to ever ride a zip wire at Go Ape when she completed the course in Kent.

Eileen Noble, from Bexleyheath, took on a series of zip wires, swings and “wobbly crossings” in Maidstone to achieve the feat, accompanied by her three grandchildren.

Eileen, who was also the oldest woman to run the London Marathon this year, completed the 400m course 13 metres above a forest valley.

“My advice to younger people would just be to not let yourself become old,” Ms Noble said before the challenge. “Just keep doing the same things you did when you were younger and you’ll stay young.”

Meanwhile, Stew Deards from Go Ape, said: “Eileen is a true inspiration and an amazing advert for life, showing that age is just a number.

“She embodies everything we stand for at Go Ape, so we couldn’t be more excited to have her and her family here this weekend. We can all learn a thing or two from Eileen!”

84-year-old zip wires down Leeds Castle
84-year-old zip wires down Leeds Castle

The oldest person to ever complete the activity was Jack Reynolds from Derbyshire, who tackled a Go Ape zip wire age 106.