MPs pass amendment seeking to thwart suspension of Parliament

MPs have approved an amendment from Labour's Hilary Benn which aims to strengthen measures designed to try and stop Parliament being suspended to force through a no-deal Brexit.

Mr Benn's amendment was approved by 315 votes to 274, a majority of 41.

Digital minister Margot James was among those voting against the Government, independent MP Nick Boles said.

Mr Boles said he was "proud" to accompany the minister and Conservative MPs Steve Brine, Richard Harrington and Alistair Burt "through the Aye lobby".

"Heroes all of them," he said.

Shadow Brexit Secretary Keir Starmer tweeted: "For Boris Johnson to try to shut down Parliament to force through a destructive 'no deal' Brexit would be a constitutional outrage. Now it would also be unlawful. A huge victory."

Independent Group for Change MP Chris Leslie tweeted: "Crucial victory to prevent Boris shutting the doors of Parliament to get his way in October. He refused to rule out 'proroguing' Parliament in order to Brexit with no-deal... so backbench MPs worked across the parties to rule it out for him."

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