Lewis Capaldi’s Chewbacca mask hits £5,000 in charity auction after 12 hours

A Chewbacca mask worn by Lewis Capaldi at Scotland’s biggest music festival has raised more than £5,000 for charity just 12 hours after going up for auction.

The Scottish singer-songwriter donned the mask for his set on the main stage of TRNSMT in front of around 50,000 people in Glasgow Green.

His appearance as the Star Wars character came amid a spat with Noel Gallagher who called him “Chewbacca” as well as saying he should “enjoy his 15 minutes” and calling Scotland a “third world country”.

The mask is now being auctioned by DF Concerts on eBay for the charity Tiny Changes – which was set up in May in memory of Frightened Rabbit frontman Scott Hutchison, who took his own life last year.

Lewis Capaldi
Lewis Capaldi

It is owned by the company’s concert manager, who said: “I had a feeling after all the Noel Gallagher back and forth with Lewis Capaldi, that they may be in need of a Chewbacca mask so I got in touch with Lewis’s team and offered my mask. The answer was ‘bring it!’.

“I’ve worked with Lewis since he was doing small club shows so to see him play in front of a sold out crowd at TRNSMT was a special moment, made all the more special by seeing my mask out there.

“The whole team at DF were devastated by the loss of Scott Hutchison last year and Frightened Rabbit are another band that we’ve shared some special moments with.

“So I thought I’d see how much we could raise for Tiny Changes, the charity set up by his family in his memory.

“Its main focus is to raise awareness about young people’s mental health issues. Hopefully there will be a bidding war and lots of money will be raised.”

Chewbacca mask
Chewbacca mask

Music fans have until around 1.30pm on Monday to bid for the mask.

The band said in a tweet: “The bold @LewisCapaldi has signed the Chewbacca mask he wore for @TRNSMTfest and it is being auctioned off with proceeds going to @tinychanges.

“Who agrees @NoelGallagher should chip in with a bid?”

During his performance on Sunday the 22-year-old covered Oasis hit Don’t Look Back In Anger – changing the lyric at one point to “Don’t Chewbac In Anger”.

Speaking about the feud ahead of taking to the stage, Capaldi also admitted he would “love” to collaborate with Gallagher.

He said: “I’d love to just… me and him get in there. He doesn’t like co-rights so probably wouldn’t, but he can write it and I’ll sing it and I’m sure it would be a lovely one.

“I love him to bits. He’s just bamming it up isn’t he? He loves a bam up, Noel.

“I too enjoy a bit of a bam up although maybe I wouldn’t call a country a third world one at that but I thought it was funny.”

There he is @lewiscapaldi 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 pic.twitter.com/pl0fxTqKlA

— TRNSMT Festival (@TRNSMTfest) July 14, 2019

TRNSMT festival director Geoff Ellis added: “Capaldi fever is sweeping the world and I was delighted to watch his outstanding set from the side of the stage (on Sunday) night – it’s a performance I will remember for years to come.

“The Tiny Changes Charity is very close to our hearts, here at DF Concerts, and I hope we manage to raise a great amount of money for a charity that’s work is very important, not only within the music industry, but for raising awareness about children and young people’s mental health.”

For more information on Tiny Changes, visit the charity’s website.