Violent brawl breaks out at Disneyland's 'Toontown' in front of horrified families

The Anaheim Police Department is investigating after a violent brawl broke out at California's Disneyland Park on Saturday.

Footage of the fight, which went viral on YouTube with nearly 1 million views, shows a group of parkgoers from the same family throwing punches at one another near Goofy's house in Mickey's Toontown, an area of the theme park catering toward younger visitors.

Stunned bystanders, some with children in strollers, can be seen looking on in horror as multiple adult males and females violently hit one another and drag each other around by the hair. At one point during the fight, a woman in a mobility scooter stands up and is knocked to the ground.

Other adult parkgoers and Disney employees were eventually able to break up the melee before Anaheim police arrived on the scene.

On Monday, the department confirmed everyone involved in the fight belongs to the same family, adding that they were uncooperative with responding officers.

"A report was taken. There was no video at the time. Now that we have video, the investigation can continue," police said.

In a statement obtained by KTLA, a Disneyland official admonished the family, stating, "We do not condone this behavior."

It remains unknown if any criminal charges will be filed.

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