Plane makes emergency landing and crashes into roadside ditch

This man and his family were driving down the road on their family vacation when a small plane had to make an emergency landing and crashed in a ditch on the side of the road.

Amazingly, when the man got out to help he discovered the pilot was unharmed.

The Federal Aviation Administration said the pilot of a single-engine Cessna 206 reported engine failure and needed to land on a road. The pilot then landed on Waikoloa Road, about a mile south of Waikoloa Village, Hawaii.

According to the FAA there were two people on board.

Witness Justin Correia told Hawaii NewsNow he was driving in the area when he saw the plane.

"I was just coming up, seen like the wing, thought somebody drove off the road with a surfboard in the back of their truck," he said. "When I pulled to the side, it was actually a plane."

"I just asked if everybody was okay, if there was anybody else in the plane, and they said no, so I was like 'perfect,' and by the time I turned around, there was 50 people behind me and I just jumped in my truck and left," Correia said.

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