Pensioner in furious rant at BBC for being forced to pay for TV licence

This is the moment a pensioner called Tom Swarbrick to rail at the BBC for being forced to pay for a service she doesn't want.

Shirley insisted that if you get a free newspaper, you don't need to pay for a different paper if you don't want it - and says she feels that way about the BBC.

Getting ever angrier as she went along, she told LBC: "There is free TV. ITV and Channel 5 are completely free. Why do we have to pay for the BBC if we don't want it? And we go to jail if we don't pay. Isn't that extortion?"

Swarbrick suggested you pay for the content you get, but Shirley boomed: "I don't want that. I want free ITV, that suits me fine.

"I don't want to pay for anything else. Why am I obliged to?

"You don't buy the Daily Telegraph and have to pay for the Daily Mirror, do you? This is absurd."

When Swarbrick pointed out that as a 79-year-old, she gets a TV licence for free, she pointed out that it's not free - taxpayers are paying for it.

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