What the papers say – July 4

Politics takes centre stage in Thursday’s papers with Boris Johnson unveiling a ‘manifesto’ and Jeremy Hunt revealing his support for changing fox hunting legislation.

The Times carries details of a poll which suggests 18% of people would consider voting for Labour which the paper says is their lowest level of support in polling history.

The DailyTelegraph turns its focus to the Conservative Party, with leadership candidate Jeremy Hunt pledging a vote on fox hunting if he becomes Prime Minister.

Mr Hunt’s contender Boris Johnson leads the Sun, with the “Number 10 favourite” saying he will boost police numbers and keep Jeremy Corbyn out of Downing Street.

The DailyMail and Daily Express run with Mr Johnson’s pledge to recruit 20,000 extra police officers.

The Guardian says one in 10 people in hospital beds in the UK are dependent upon alcohol, causing a “massive burden”.

The FinancialTimes leads with a rally in bond markets after Christine Lagarde was nominated to the European Central Bank.

The Metro leads with the death of Riley, the baby son of a woman who was killed as she was eight months pregnant.

The suggests that 70 Labour MPs are facing the sack, with the paper reporting local activists may “purge” Corbyn opponents.

And the DailyMirror leads with the mother of Sarah Payne returning to the place where the eight-year-old was abducted in 2000.

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