Piers Morgan launches furious rant at the BBC for scrapping free TV licenses for over-75s

Piers Morgan argued the BBC should be forced to do a U-turn over its decision to scrap free TV licenses for over-75s (ITV)

Piers Morgan has launched a furious rant at the BBC over its decision to scrap free TV licenses for over-75s, claiming the broadcasting company is "swimming in cash".

The presenter lamented the decision on today's episode of Good Morning Britain, describing the move as "absolutely disgusting" and claiming television is "the only window into the world" for people over a certain age.

Morgan began: "They're all over 75, we just paid tribute to 300 of these extraordinary people, saluting their valiant D-Day heroism... And this is their reward?

"Within hours of them getting home, they are now going to be charged £154 to watch television in this country.

"20 years ago we gave over 75s a free TV licence, that is an absolute disgrace. It is disgusting, the BBC should not be getting away with this.They can blame the government all they like, the BBC is swimming in cash."

He emphasised: "Swimming in cash. 106 executives earning £150,000 or more, think about that."

Co-host Susanna Reid was in agreement, adding: "For some it is the only voice, only company, they will have all day."

Morgan continued: "You have lived through the second World War and unless you are absolutely on the poverty line, most of these pensioners are now being punished.

Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid claimed that television was the only window into the world people over a certain age have (ITV)

"£154, absolutely disgusting, it is one of the most snivelling little things I can imagine. For many people it is the only window into the world and this is what we do for them, really BBC?

Morgan went on to shame the BBC for taxing D-Day veterans to watch television, arguing that he thinks the corporation should be forced to do a U-turn.

"Why don't we all go out now and say we aren't going to do it? We should say we aren't paying our licence fee - there is so much competition now with Netflix and streamers.

He finished by saying: "This is a massive mistake for the BBC."

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