Live updates as Tory leadership race continues

More candidates in the Conservative Party leadership race will launch their campaigns on Tuesday.

Andrea Leadsom will be first to set out her stall, followed by Mark Harper and Rory Stewart.

Contenders also face the first official hustings of Tory MPs on Tuesday.

Ten candidates will go into the first round of voting on Thursday, after pro-Remain former minister Sam Gyimah pulled out admitting he had been unable to build sufficient support.

Here’s the latest:


Tory leadership race, who the Cabinet is backing
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Leadership hopeful Sajid Javid said he would choose a no-deal Brexit over remaining in Europe.

“If we got to the end of October and the choice was between a no-deal and no Brexit I would pick no deal,” he told the BBC, adding his “focus” was getting a deal.

“The three things that we need to deliver, which are absolutely essential, (are) Brexit by the end of October this year, unifying the country – that’s bringing people together – keeping Corbyn out of Number 10.

“And I think my own background, my life experience and my vision for the country will deliver on all three.”

He said he has a “very detailed” Brexit plan “which I think is the most credible of any of the Brexit plans out there”.


Shadow chancellor John McDonnell said he has never taken Class A drugs, after the Tory leadership contest became enveloped in the issue.

“I’m a working-class kid, I could never afford Class A drugs and I wouldn’t want to,” he told The Times CEO Summit.

He also branded Conservative leadership front-runner Boris Johnson “out of touch” over his pledged tax cuts.


Watch: Who are the 10 contenders?


Meanwhile, top Tories arrived at Downing Street for a Cabinet meeting this morning.

Cabinet meeting
Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt arrives (David Mirzoeff/PA)
Cabinet meeting
International Development Secretary Rory Stewart greeted Larry the cat on his way in (David Mirzoeff/PA)
Cabinet meeting
Environment Secretary Michael Gove (David Mirzoeff/PA)
Cabinet meeting
Welsh Secretary Alun Cairns with Home Secretary Sajid Javid (David Mirzoeff/PA)
Cabinet meeting
Health Secretary Matt Hancock (David Mirzoeff/PA)


In a message to Boris Johnson, Matt Hancock said “the front-runner has never won before”.

Mr Johnson has steered clear of radio and TV studios so far in the campaign, and Mr Hancock told Today: “I certainly think that everybody who puts their name forward to be prime minister should be open to scrutiny, should be accountable, should come on the Today programme and on other broadcast programmes.

“I think everybody should participate in the proposed TV debates and I think we have got to ask the question ‘Why not?'”

He said the candidates should “come and be scrutinised because that is the best way to ensure that we get the best next prime minister”.


Tory leadership contender Matt Hancock said he would put his Brexit plan to the Commons within days of entering Number 10.

He claimed that having a mandate from the Commons would result in co-operation from Brussels to put a time limit on the backstop.

Mr Hancock told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: “As prime minister I would propose to put my plan, which I have already published, to the House of Commons, in principle, immediately and therefore show the European Union that this plan is deliverable through the House of Commons.”

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