Alligator measuring 11 feet breaks into Florida resident’s home through window

An alligator measuring 11 feet broke into the home of a resident of Clearwater, Florida on Thursday night through a low window in their kitchen.

Clearwater Police Department posted photos of the alligator inside the resident's kitchen, along with a smashed window that the animal broke through to get in.

Alligator measuring 11 feet breaks into Florida resident's home through windowPosting the photos to Twitter, the police department said: "See you later, alligator. A scaly 11-foot-long gator broke into a Clearwater home overnight through some low windows in their kitchen."

Clearwater Police Department said: "Clearwater Police officers and a trapper responded to the scene to capture and remove the gator. There were no injuries."

Alligators are native to only the United States and China, with Florida and Louisiana home to a large alligator population in the US.

There are estimated to be over one million alligators living in Florida.

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