Davidson and Swinney back calls to raise charity lottery limit

Ruth Davidson and John Swinney have joined forces to back calls for a change to the charity lottery fundraising limit.

The Scottish Conservative leader and Deputy First Minister were among the guests at a People’s Postcode Lottery event in Holyrood on Thursday evening.

Among the topics discussed was raising the current limit from £10 million to £100 million – which could help generate more money for good causes across the country.

The new £100 million limit was laid out as the UK Government’s “preferred option” in a public consultation last year, while it has also been recommended by the Gambling Commission.

Ms Davidson said she has written to Culture Secretary Jeremy Wright calling on action to be taken.

She said: “Right now, the law limits the amount that charity lotteries can raise – which means People’s Postcode Lottery are stopped from increasing their help to voluntary organisations and projects nationwide.

“I want the law changed so more people can get help, which is why I’ve written to UK Government colleagues urging them to lift the cap.

“People’s Postcode Lottery already does so much good, all it is asking is to be allowed to do more. They have my full support.”

At a national and local level, I can see the profound and beneficial impact of People’s Postcode Lottery

Mr Swinney said: “When I look through the range of organisations that are funded by People’s Postcode Lottery, I’m struck by the degree to which the organisation is taking a set of decisions that are really transforming the lives of individuals as a consequence of the strength of their financial support.

“At a national and local level, I can see the profound and beneficial impact of People’s Postcode Lottery and I’m very grateful for all you do in that respect.

“The Scottish Government has given our support to this campaign to try to secure what to me sounds like a pretty elementary and administrative decision to be taken.”

The change has been supported by more than 80 charity leaders including the chief executives of the British Red Cross, NSPCC, Marine Conservation Society, War Child and Crisis.

A report by nfpSynergy found charities across the UK may have missed out on funding worth £45 million due to the current caps.

More than 640 projects in Scotland lost out on £7.7 million of funding from that total, it said.

Clara Govier, People’s Postcode Lottery managing director, said: “The current charity lottery laws result in charities losing out on millions of pounds. We want this to change.

“The nfpSynergy report clearly shows that raising the limits placed on charity lotteries will make a massive difference to good causes across Britain.

“The new £100 million limit was the Government’s preferred option in last year’s consultation – it’s also a move that is supported by over 80 major charities, the Gambling Commission and SCVO (the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations).

“With charity lottery reform, the Government has the chance to unlock millions of pounds of extra funding to transform lives and communities in Britain and beyond at no cost to the taxpayer or treasury – a win-win that will benefit everyone.”

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