Cardiff is the work stress capital of the UK

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Cardiff is the work stress capital of the UK, with almost a quarter (22%) of employees having been signed off work in the last year, according to new research.

A poll of 2,000 employees across major cities in the UK has revealed a work stress map, with people from Cardiff feeling the most pressure.

Employees from Newcastle came in second place, with as many as one in five (21%) having had to take a break from work because of stress, followed closely by those living in Edinburgh, at 20%.

Interestingly, London only came tenth in the poll of 2,000 working Brits by flexible fitness network Hussle.

Almost a third (31%) of residents of Cardiff said they constantly feel stressed and anxious about work, while 28% admitted they struggle to sleep because of worries about their job – compared with a national average of 21%.

But the survey showed work stress is a UK wide problem, with almost a third (32%)) of Brits claiming to have a poor work/life balance, with not enough time to be with friends and family (35%), see children (22%) or maintain relationships (26%) emerging as the main problems faced.

One in ten of those polled said they have had their holiday ruined by work stress, and 15% admitted they constantly think about work.

And while 31% of young Brits claimed they don't have a boss who breathes down their neck, a quarter have no time to exercise and stay fit, and 27% had to give up hobbies and pastimes because of the all-consuming nature of their work.

Yet the study found a massive 86% of Brits think they have more freedom than their parents did – 85% said they feel their working hours are more flexible, and a quarter think their mum and dad worked longer hours when they were the same age.

Nine in 10 respondents said there is more pressure on young people to have the perfect career, relationship and life than there used to be – with 87% blaming social media.

Most stressed workers, by how many have been signed off in the past 12 months

  • Cardiff (22%)

  • Newcastle (21%t)

  • Edinburgh (20%)

  • Bristol (19%)

  • Oxford (17%)

  • Cambridge (17%)

  • Sheffield (15%)

  • Birmingham (15%)

  • Nottingham (14%)

  • London (13%)

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