Residents on London street left with shattered windows after controlled detonation of WW2 bomb

Bomb detonated

Furious homeowners were left with their houses vulnerable to burglars after the huge blast from a controlled detonation of a Second World War bomb broke windows along a street

The unexploded device was found on a building site in Kingston, south-west London on Thursday, prompting the evacuation of a university and schools in the area, as well as homes.

It was detonated at around 4pm on Friday, leaving behind a large crater, but also caused windows along Fassett Road to smash, leaving residents concerned for their security.

Rachel Major posted a photo on Twitter of her broken windows with the caption: "waiting to get my window boarded up..."

Others tweeted asking whether there would be patrols on the road to make sure residents were safe from potential crimes.

Pete Wand-Tetley wrote: "@RBKingston please send help to clear up Fassett Road following WW2 #kingstonbomb we're still cleaning up glass from the explosion!"

Others posted pictures of the impressive crater caused by the blast at the construction site.

They included Kingston Police, who wrote: "Close up photo of the WWII ordnance detonation site which left a massive hole. Police are looking into it. #BaDumTush #DadJokes #KingstonBomb."

Keeley Malone, 21, told the Mail: "People were crying in the streets, it wasn't very nice to see really. From what I saw yesterday it was horrible. Most of the house windows down the road were smashed. There was sand everywhere."

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