Brexit Party member 'foaming at the mouth' over remain vote

Brexit Party member 'foaming at the mouth' over remain vote

A Brexit Party member had a meltdown live on air when a Liberal Democrat MP pointed out that pro-Remain parties had achieved good European Election results in Wales.

MP Layla Moran told LBC's Iain Dale, that the Remain vote in Wales was equal to those backing Brexit - but she was left visibly shocked by the unusual response from the former Conservative MP, Michael Brown.

Mr Brown fumed live on air: "Whatever way you cut it in Wales, when you're talking about Swansea, Port Talbot, Cardifff..."

As Ms Moran tried to explain, Mr Brown exploded: "Yeah but, yeah but, yeah but, here we go".

Pounding the desk with his finger: "I foam at the mouth when I hear all this rubbish about whatever way you cut it.

"The fact is, them people, with that stubby pencil and that bit of paper, voted Brexit.

"However much you cut the vote any other way, they voted Brexit. Have you got it?"

The Brexit Part secured 28 out of 73 seats in the European elections held on Thursday. However, pro-Remain voters flocked to the Lib Dems and Greens, helping to squeeze both the Tories and Labour in to third and fifth place.

Pro-Remain parties took just over 40% while Brexit backing parties took 35% of the national vote. This doesn't include the Tories or Labour who achieved 28% between them.

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