In Pictures: Villains and superheroes gather for London opening of MCM Comic Con

Whether you prefer the dark arts or have a superhero complex, there was only one place to be in London on Friday for those addicted to high drama, dastardly scheming and dreams of world domination.

Jokers, Riddlers and caped crusaders put their differences aside as they assembled for the MCM Comic Con gathering at the ExCeL centre in London with many attending in costume.

Even the Dark Knight had to cope with blazing sunshine as comic aficionados let the good times roll.

MCM Comic Con
Reyhan Yaman arrives dressed as Bickslow from Fairy Tail (Jonathan Brady/PA)
MCM Comic Con
Dressed as Kakegurui characters are (left to right) Larissa Andrews, Chloe Barker, and Sophie Quartermain (Jonathan Brady/PA)
MCM Comic Con
A man dressed as the Riddler withdraws money from a cash machine (Jonathan Brady/PA)
MCM Comic Con – day 1
Harriet Day (left) and Jade Mogford (right) arrive dressed as the Tohsaka sisters (Jonathan Brady/PA)
MCM Comic Con
Henry White from Mansfield arrives dressed as Diva Plavalaguna from the Fifth Element (Jonathan Brady/PA)
MCM Comic Con
Comic character enthusiasts (Jonathan Brady/PA)
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