‘Mrs May must go’: What the papers say on PM’s future

The papers have given their view of Theresa May’s premiership and when it should end after the Prime Minister came under huge pressure to resign.

The Daily Telegraph says Mrs May “must go – now”, describing the situation as a “national emergency”.

“What can the Prime Minister be thinking? It’s over. She can no longer pass critical legislation; the latest draft of her Withdrawal Agreement is dead in the water; her backbenchers are up in arms; Cabinet members would like to meet to discuss her future,” the paper says.

“Either Mrs May must go as soon as humanly possible or the Conservative Party must finally remove her.”

The Daily Mail says it could not be clearer that Mrs May’s tenure as Prime Minister and leader of the Conservative Party “is at an end”.

“Despite her valiant efforts to deliver an honourable Brexit, she has finally run out of road,” the paper says.

“This is a woman who has always been driven by duty, and whose honest search for compromise was thwarted on all sides. It’s essential now that she be allowed to leave No10 with the dignity she deserves – probably either during or just after the coming weekend.”

The Daily Mirror is less kind, calling Mrs May “another Tory Downing Street dud not up to the job of leading Britain”.

Calling for a general election, the paper says: “She should apologise for the past three tortuous years. Incapable of resolving the Brexit crisis, the arrogance of her “strong and stable” boasts badly boomeranged.

“We need a change of Government, not another change of Tory Prime Minister.”

The Guardian says Mrs May has “nowhere left to fail” after her final act.

Giving its verdict on the PM’s time in office, the paper says she “lacked the vision and judgment to define Britain’s future relations with Europe, let alone convince MPs and the public to trust her”.

“(Her) profound and protracted failure is in large part the reason why the whole Brexit process has broken down, why British voters will participate in European parliamentary elections on Thursday, and why that poll is certain to administer a brutal verdict on the prime minister and her party.”

The Times focuses on Thursday’s European elections, saying that the electorate should “stand up for the centre right” – and still vote Conservative.

“Mrs May seems likely to leave office imminently and the next Tory leader is almost certainly going to be a Brexiteer,” the paper says.

“A powerful Brexit Party vote in these elections will encourage Conservative Party members to push that leader towards a no-deal Brexit.

“A vote for the Tories today might seem quixotic but the danger is that a collapse in its support will only encourage a further lurch towards populism.”

The Daily Express says MPs would be “foolish if they dismiss this storm as nothing more than a protest vote”.

“Theresa May understood it was her duty and her mission to take the country out of the European Union in a way that honoured the result of the referendum, restored sovereignty in key areas of our national life and minimised job-threatening disruption to our economy,” the paper says.

“MPs in different parties fail to recognise they share this same solemn responsibility.”

The Sun says the Tories “richly deserve” an “election kicking like never before”.

“The Conservatives have failed catastrophically on Brexit. We should have left the EU on March 29. We’re still in. Labour have angered Leavers and Remainers with their lies and trickery,” the paper says.

It adds: “Those who predicted Theresa May would be a poor Prime Minister have regrettably been vindicated. In fairness, her task has been harder than any predecessor’s since Winston Churchill.

“Even so, Mrs May and her woeful Cabinet of mainly third-rate friends have failed on Brexit and the social justice mission she initially championed.”