Pregnant woman stunned to see baby python riding on her car bonnet

A pregnant woman who was driving home alone was shocked to see a baby python on her car bonnet. Cassandra Tan, 36, noticed the serpent poking out its head as she drove along Mei Chin Road, Singapore just before midnight.

The expectant mother said that at first, she thought that the snake was only a piece of rubber that had come loose from the bumper. She activated the wipers on the front headlights but the persistent snake stayed put.

Cassandra said: ''The shape appeared several times, and at about the fifth time or so I realised it was a snake." The six-months pregnant woman said she was scared and didn't know what to do so she called her husband who did not believe her at first.

"He thought I was hallucinating. So I drove home quickly to show him the footage. I didn't dare to stop,'' Cassandra added.

The couple tried to locate the snake for the next half an hour when she reached home but to no avail. She decided to call the Animal Concerns Research and Education Society for intervention which said that the snake will come out of its own.

Cassandra added: "I don't think I'd want to leave a snake inside my car. I didn't feel easy driving the next day not knowing it's still there." Cassandra then called their neighbourhood police line to ask the National Parks Board to send someone who could remove the snake.

After about an hour, the snake went out again and her husband took it and placed it inside a cardboard box. The snake was eventually released into the wild.