Corbyn urges Labour to unite to counter rise of the ‘far right’


Jeremy Corbyn will issue a rallying call to Labour supporters in the European elections, insisting only his party can halt the rise of the “far right”.

In a speech in Merseyside on Saturday, Mr Corbyn will say that years of neglect had “opened the door” to the far right in communities hit by cuts.

He will argue that only a Labour Party which rejected the “failed economic system” and was committed to tackling inequality could roll back the threat.

His appeal comes after Labour finally pulled the plug on cross-party talks with the Government aimed at reaching a compromise Brexit deal which could command a majority in the Commons.

It also follows criticism from Labour MPs that the party has been trying to face both ways on Brexit, with a confused message over the circumstances in which it would back a second referendum.

Addressing a rally in Bootle, Mr Corbyn will seek to set aside such differences with a return to more traditional Labour ground.

He will say that divisions in society existed before the EU referendum while cutting public services to pay for tax cuts for the rich had opened up a space in which the “far right can prosper”.

Labour’s “mission”, he will say, was to unite diverse working class communities through common solutions, rather than “looking for scapegoats”.

“Years of neglect of our communities has opened the door to the far right. It’s up to Labour to stand up to that threat,” he will say.

“That means rejecting the failed economic system and giving people a real alternative – that unites the many against the entrenched power of the few at the top.

“When the far right comes to our streets seeking to turn neighbours against each other, we stand together against them.

“Politics as usual won’t defeat them. We need Labour’s radical programme to transform our country and turn the tide of inequality by ending austerity and investing in our communities and people.

“We offer hope, the far right offers only fear.”