Car backs into fallen police officer

This is the terrifying moment PC Amy Macaulay, 37, was knocked down and reversed at by James Turner, 56, who was intending to evade arrest with a hurried three-point turn.

The Nissan Juke driver left the police officer with serious bone bruises on her lower leg and foot, with doctors telling her she was fortunate to avoid a broken ankle.

Dashcam footage from a nearby car shows the attempted traffic stop on London Road in Ipswich, however rather than cooperating Turner is seen to accelerate without warning, hitting with the rear of the police car, before going into reverse.

PC Macaulay is dragged under the vehicle's front wheel for several metres as Turner accelerates and reverses once more, crushing her right leg and foot.

Following the incident both officers then attempted to pursue the suspect in the police vehicle but the Nissan Juke was later found abandoned. PC Macaulay went to Ipswich Hospital for treatment after sustaining various injuries.

Macaulay told the Metro: "I had a bump to the head, and the side of my face started to bruise. I had a hip injury, whiplash and grazing to my arm. I had a hip injury, whiplash and grazing to my arm.

"Miraculously, my leg wasn't broken but there was bruising on the bone. There is no doubt that, without my boots, I would have very little ankle left.."

Turner, of Old Norwich Road, Ipswich, was arrested on Friday 22 March and was subsequently charged with the following offences: Assault – ABH, three counts of aggravated vehicle taking and dangerous driving, failing to provide a specimen for analysis, three counts of driving without a licence, three counts of driving whilst disqualified, using a motor vehicle on a road / public place without third party insurance.

Turner was subsequently jailed for two years at Ipswich Crown Court and banned from driving for four years.

Superintendent Matt Rose, head of specialist operations for Suffolk Police, added: "This driver recklessly decided to make a getaway with no thought for the safety of others. 'Amy was very fortunate to be left with only bruises

Suffolk Police Federation chairman, Darren Harris said: "The psychological and physical effects on our officers need to be reflected in sentencing.

"We shouldn't have to accept being abused as part of the job."