Scientists find debris near Hiroshima 75 years after atomic bomb explosion

How I survived the Hiroshima atomic bomb

The grim legacy of the world's first nuclear attack in 1945, lives on following an unusual discovery of debris on a beach near Hiroshima in Japan.

Scientists in the United States, have suggested that glassy sand-like particles found in the sand not far from the devastated city, are likely to be fallout from the atomic bomb dropped on the city nearly 75 years ago.

It's believed that the debris was ejected into the atmosphere and fell back to Earth over a large area. Analysis found that the objects contained steel, iron and other building materials. Some, also formed with irregular shapes in rubbery compositions.

The US Department of Energy at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, reports that the team determined that the unique composition of the elements, was likely formed by exposure to the powerful thermal forces from the fireball of the atomic blast.

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