Crystal meth ship mysteriously sinks during police search

Police are investigating whether a ship carrying crystal meth was deliberately sabotaged during an investigation inside the vessel on Friday.

Chemicals used to manufacture crystal meth were found aboard the 80-metre-long cargo ship that was sitting in the Dutch municipality of Moerdijk.

More than 300 litres of methamphetamine oil were seized along with other chemicals used for meth production.

However, when the investigation to remove evidence and break-up the lab got under way, the boat began to sink and the police had to evacuate the boat.

According to local police, the ship was "probably sabotaged" via a remotely-operated pump to partially sink the vessel and destroy any evidence.

"Fortunately, many traces and valuables had already been secured," a police statement said.

Despite the partial sinking, investigators were able to complete their operation two days later, before towing the boat to a new location.

One officer was diagnosed with "respiratory problems" at the scene was taken to hospital shortly after the discovery, but was later said to be in a "good" condition.

An area around the boat was cordoned off due to the "release of chemical air".

Four arrests have so far been made, including the vessel's 65-year-old captain from the Dutch city of Breda, and three Mexican nationals, aged 23, 26 and 37.

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