Royal Mail lorry seen dangerously and illegally using two lanes on the motorway

This was the shocking moment a Royal Mail lorry was spotted hogging two lanes of the motorway near Weston-super-Mare, Somerset.

The brazen motoring displayed by the Royal Mail official was caught on dashcam on the M5 going southbound, as it blocked traffic from overtaking.

It eventually overtakes a vehicle then weaves across into the left-hand slow lane.

The filmer, who was on their way to the hospital in nearby Taunton, told Newsflare: "We were very shocked to - firstly - see a lorry in lane three on a motorway.

"But also because restrictions implemented by the highway on that 50mph zone showed lorries should only be in first lane.

"[I haven't] seen anything like this where a lorry straddles two lanes for such a long distance."

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