Surge in complaints about online shopping and package deliveries

A big jump in people complaining about problems with online shopping and package deliveries has been reported by a free-to-use website which helps with consumer gripes.

Online shopping complaint volumes jumped by 84% in 2018-19 compared with 2017-18, according to Resolver’s analysis of people using its service.

High street shopping complaints increased by 39% year-on-year.

The number of complaints about package deliveries surged by 203%.

Complaints about ticket sales increased by 213% last year, while there was a 14% rise for flight delays and airlines.

Complaints about takeaways increased by 16%, while those about film and TV streaming services were up by 106%.

Resolver said that while the number of complaints it received increased in many categories, gripes about PPI (payment protection insurance) decreased by 24% annually, while there was a 49% tumble on packaged bank accounts.

With the PPI complaints deadline looming on August 29, numbers may be showing signs of having peaked, Resolver said.

James Walker, founder of Resolver, said changes to the way people shop, communicate and book a holiday are resulting in new areas of complaint.

He said: “Looking ahead, the early indications are concerns about what firms do with our data, the actions of fraudsters and scammers, easy access to high-cost credit and businesses overcharging us for staying loyal will be driving complaints over the coming year.”

Here are the five biggest areas of complaint in 2018-19, according to Resolver, and the change compared with 2017-18:

1. PPI, minus 24%
2. Flight delays and airlines, 14%
3. Online shopping, 84%
4. High street shopping, 39%
5. Mobile phones, 57%