Could the royal baby run for US president?

At just a few hours old, the newborn son of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will have no idea of the path that lies ahead of him.

But one option mooted by those keen to embrace the baby’s Transatlantic heritage is his apparent potential to run for US president.

According to Congress documents, any candidate would have to be aged at least 35 in order to become head of state, and to have lived in the US for at least 14 years.

Royal baby
Royal baby

The third criteria is more problematic, however – any president would have to be a “natural born citizen” of the US.

The description has been open to interpretation, with some claiming only those born in the US or its territories could be considered eligible. This would rule out the Sussex’s baby.

However, others claim citizenship – or dual citizenship – would suffice.

Harry and Meghan could apply for their child to have dual US-UK citizenship.

Meghan is planning to become a British citizen – but at present is still a US citizen.

According to the American Embassy in the UK, a child born outside the US and in wedlock to a US citizen parent and a non-US citizen parent may acquire US citizenship at birth if the US parent lived in America for five years – two of which were after the age of 14.