Voters spoil local election ballot papers in Brexit protest

A number of voters took to social media to boast about spoiling their ballot papers in the local elections, with many referencing a disillusionment with Brexit.

People shared images of voting slips with messages including "Get May out", "Brexit betrayal" and "Traitors" written across them.

Another wrote: "I'd rather poo in my hands and clap than vote for this lot."

Jordan (@Jord16_) voted in the Worcester City Council elections and said he spoilt his ballot because of issues surrounding Brexit.

He told the Press Association: "The major parties have been lying for three years straight about Brexit and, in a two-party system, neither of them deserve to be voted for at any level.

"I'm actually a member of the Conservatives, so under normal circumstances I would have voted for them. If there was a Brexit Party candidate I would have voted for them."

The campaign was started by Leave.EU, which tweeted in March, encouraging people to spoil their ballot papers.

They wrote: "The Conservatives depend on our votes. Instead of respecting our decision to leave the EU, they have chosen to stab us in the back.

"Send a message on May 2 by spoiling your ballot, writing in @brexitparty_uk and show CCHQ what happens when you defy the will of the British people."

There were also similar protests from Remain supporters, with messages including "Stop Brexit".

It is not illegal to spoil a ballot paper, but filling it out incorrectly or covering it with graffiti will render it invalid.

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