Boris Johnson mocked after tweeting he had voted in election - when there weren't any in London

Boris Johnson has been mocked after tweeting that he had voted in the local elections - despite them not taking place in his London constituency.

The former Mayor of London tweeted: "I just voted Conservative in the local elections. Make sure you do too! You've got two hours left to get out and vote!"

Despite being deleted virtually immediately after it was pointed out that there were no elections in London, screengrabs were shared online sparking a series of mocking responses from fellow Twitter users.

One asked whether Mr Johnson had got his information from "the side of a bus", while another asked: "Did Gove tell him it was the local elections in London today?"

Others saw the tweet as more sinister, suggesting it was another example of Mr Johnson lying.

Another tweet left live on Mr Johnson's account urged people to vote Conservative, but again sparked a lively response.

Mr Johnson wrote: "Don't forget to go out and vote today for the team that delivers the best services for the best value in your community; vote Conservative!"

The message sparked anger from some quarters, with Twitter users telling Mr Johnson they wouldn't vote Conservative despite being lifelong supporters of the party, and some saying they wouldn't vote with Theresa May at the helm.

- This article first appeared on Yahoo

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