Defence Secretary’s sacking highlights ‘dysfunction at heart of UK Government’

Nicola Sturgeon has condemned the “reprehensible” security leak from the National Security Council as she accused Gavin Williamson of behaving for his “own selfish political ends”.

The First Minister said the leak from the National Security Council (NSC) of Huawei’s involvement in the UK’s 5G network – for which the Defence Secretary was sacked – is a “sign of the complete dysfunction at the heart of the UK Government”.

Theresa May fired Mr Williamson after receiving “compelling” evidence of his involvement in the leak, although the Prime Minister has not pushed for a police investigation into the incident.

Mr Williamson has issued repeated denials about being the source of the information.

She was asked at First Minister’s Questions by Keith Brown MSP about whether anyone who breaks the Official Secrets Act should be prosecuted.

Ms Sturgeon responded: “Obviously it is a matter for the police to determine what criminal investigations they take forward and what the progress of them might be.

“It would not be appropriate for me to comment on that but what I would say is politically, that as a politician, I think that it’s reprehensible that there were leaks from the National Security Council and I think it is a sign of the complete dysfunction at the heart of the UK Government.

“I think any minister that has been found guilty in such a way I think that they lose their job.

“All politicians in Government should recognise the responsibility and the privileges we carry and should not be behaving in the way it Gavin Williamson appears was behaving – for their own selfish political ends.”

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