Brexit Party continues to surge in the polls for the European elections as Change UK fall behind Lib Dems

Nigel Farage is continuing to smile after the latest polls for the EU elections continue to show the Brexit Party leading the way.

Despite only being launched last month, the Brexit Party quickly stormed to the top of the polls - and the latest set of figures show their support has only increased.

According to YouGov, Mr Farage's party are now polling on 30% - an increase of 2% from the previous poll.

The Brexit Party are continuing to top the polls (YouGov)

On the other end of the Brexit spectrum, Change UK - the Remain-backing party made up of former Labour and Tory MPs - have dropped to 9% from their previous polling of 10%.

This may alarm the newly-formed group just after they officially launched and unveiled their candidates.

Their 9% polling also puts them behind the Lib Dems (10%) - who also want to put a stop to Brexit altogether.

The Brexit Party's march to the top has seen Labour pushed into second place (21%), while the Tories are facing electoral disaster if the elections go ahead as they are on just 13%.

Things could get even trickier for the main parties as the Brexit Party have confirmed they will field a candidate for the upcoming by-election in Peterborough - which voted 61% to leave the EU.

The by-election is being held on June 6 - less than two weeks after the EU elections - after a real petition saw its current MP Fiona Onasanya lose her seat.

MEP, Nigel Farage reacts, at the Moon and Starfish public house during a walkabout and rally in Clacton, Essex, England for his Brexit Party Wednesday April 24, 2019. (Joe Giddens/PA via AP)

More than a quarter of Peterborough's registered voters signed a petition to remove Ms Onasanya after her conviction for perverting the course of justice by lying about a speeding offence.

Conservative candidate Paul Bristow has promised to help deliver EU withdrawal, but is likely to face voter anger over Theresa May's failure to deliver Brexit by the promised date of March 29.

Ms Onasanya won Peterborough for Labour by a wafer-thin majority of 607 in 2017.

- This article first appeared on Yahoo

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