May suggests she would welcome female governor of Bank of England

Prime Minister Theresa May has suggested she would like to see a woman take over from Mark Carney as governor of the Bank of England.

Asked whether it was time for the first female governor after more than 300 years, she told a panel of senior MPs: “I do like it when women are in senior positions.”

Governor Mark Carney is due to stand down on January 31 2020, after almost seven years in the post. He is the latest in a line of male governors stretching back to the Bank’s foundation in 1694.

At a hearing of the House of Commons Liaison Committee, Labour MP Rachel Reeves asked Mrs May: “There have been 120 governors of the Bank of England and all of them have been men.

“Later this year, the Government will appoint the 121st governor of the Bank of England. People are increasingly suggesting that that person should be a woman.

“Would you, Prime Minister, encourage women to apply for this job and would you look favourably on a woman applicant to be our next governor of the Bank of England?”

A smiling Mrs May responded: “As you might have noticed, I do like it when women are in senior positions.

“I think that women should be encouraged to apply for senior positions.

“Of course, it will be important to take the decision as to who is the right person to be the governor of the Bank of England, but I would encourage applications from female applicants.”