Second minor earthquake in a month rocks Irish border county

An Irish border county has been rocked by a minor earthquake, it has been confirmed.

The quake was recorded in Co Donegal on Monday evening with a magnitude of 2.1, according to the Irish National Seismic Network (INSN).

It was recorded at 9.18pm with the epicentre about 15km (9.3 miles) south east of Donegal town and 15km north east of Ballyshannon, said the INSN.

The network, operated by the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies (DIAS) in co-operation with the Geological Survey Ireland (GSI), said the event was felt by members of the public in south Co Donegal as well as parts of Co Leitrim and in Co Fermanagh, across the border in Northern Ireland.

It came three weeks after a 2.4 magnitude quake, also in Co Donegal, around the Killybegs area.

DIAS director Dr Martin Mollhoff said earthquakes in Ireland tend to be minor.

“In 40 years we have only recorded around 200 earthquakes,” he said.

“The largest was a 2.4 magnitude in Buncrana. We have never recorded anything larger onshore.”

Donegal TD Joe McHugh said he was surprised to hear of the most recent quake, and joked the only seismic shift he felt was a political one.

“Fortunately the only seismic shift I’m experiencing is the one in favour of hardworking Fine Gael candidates in the local and European elections in Donegal, in particular the groundswell in support for the women who eager enough to stand up and be counted,” he said.

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