There's a tiny little sculpture up on the moon that will break your heart

It may surprise you to know that somewhere up there on the moon lies a tiny sculpture of an astronaut and a little plaque.

Known as the Fallen Astronaut, it was taken up during the Apollo 15 mission and commemorates all the people who have died advancing space exploration.

But the tiny sculpture has received its fair share of controversy, according to Slate.

Apparently the sculpture was created by a Belgian artist and the project was carried out in secrecy until the astronauts landed safely back on Earth.

But the artist didn't approve of the name given to the sculpture, he didn't plan for it to be left lying down, nor did he know it would be used to commemorate astronauts.

And the astronaut who planted the sculpture was faced with congressional scrutiny after the piece of art became associated with profiteering off a public space program.

To find out more about the curious creation, watch the video above.