Pop-up panda tent becomes unlikely face of Storm Hannah on social media

A pop-up tent in the shape of a panda has amused locals and social media users alike after it was spotted being blown down a street by Storm Hannah.

Overnight, storm Hannah battered western parts of the UK, with winds of 82mph clocked at Aberdaron.

And while many were affected by the inclement weather, there was comic relief to be found in the form of a black-and-white tent with ears in Roath, Cardiff.

"A rare sighting this morning in Roath, Cardiff of Hannah of #StormHannah fame who's actually just an angry panda," tweeted Chris Lloyd, 34.

Thousands enjoyed the unusual sight of the panda tent turning a corner before reversing through a parking space and up onto the pavement.

Meanwhile, Tesco got involved too, responding with a bit of cheeky product placement.

And for those wondering what become of the tent, one social media user claimed to have found the tent, affectionately termed "Hannah", in a bin later on.

"Unfortunately, I regret to have to inform everyone that this appears to have been the eventual fate of Hannah," wrote Alastair Clarke, sharing a picture of a similar-looking tent in a bin outside the entrance to Penylan Library and Community Centre.

RIP Hannah.

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